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Good news from atWork Australia.

After recently losing their licence and job, Kiat was searching for a career change as a result of health issues caused by his previous position.

Upon entering the Workforce Australia Joondalup office in Western Australia, Kiat was met by Job Coach, Julia. From the get-go, Julia picked up on his nerves and hesitance, and as a result, she spent extra time getting to know Kiat and his employment past, barriers and goals for employment.

Kiat expressed that he was not sure what industry they wanted to progress into and expressed hesitancy towards making big changes. Kiat has a family to support and due to rising cost of living expenses, he was stressed about the ramification’s unemployment could have.

At all times, Julia ensured that Kiat was well supported, by providing both financial and verbal support. This included supporting Kiat to regaining his licence once again.

During their appointments, Kiat and Julia worked together to look into different industries and how they would best suit Kiat. He expressed an interest with traffic control. A local office was hosting an information session on the industry, so Kiat was encouraged to attend to explore the industry in further detail.

After expressing interest in the industry, Julia and Kiat began job searching. Kiat later gained employment within the industry with not only one employer, but two.

After successfully gaining employment, Julia informed Kiat of all the ways that we would continue to support him. This included enrolling him into industry specific courses and tickets, as well as purchasing uniforms to kick start his new journey!

After being in the role for several weeks, Kiat said that they love the flexibility and the environment that the industry provides.

Employment for Kiat has been really motivating, it has restored a sense of confidence within him. He is now able to provide for his family and is engaging with the community.

“Seeing Kiat grow and make changes in his journey to successful employment has been very rewarding. I am so proud of the progress he has made.” – Julia, Job Coach.

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