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When Kirsten first reached out to atWork Australia, Joondalup, she was experiencing severe panic attacks and a level of anxiety that was making it difficult to function each day. A challenge she has worked hard to manage and overcome.

Kirsten was in casual employment with limited hours, but, took an opportunity to reach out to atWork Australia for support to reach her goals, both in life and employment. Kirsten started working with Job Coach, Telia, who helped Kirsten set the foundations for a better life and navigate changes she needed to help her get there.

Kirsten was motivated to work hard and she knew she needed routine. She needed the guarantee of regular hours to help her to budget, pay her bills on time and provide for her family. But she still needed support for her mental health. Together, Kirsten worked closely with her Job Coach, Telia, on keeping a positive mindset while they worked on finding a supportive employer who would understand her health needs.

Telia said, “Kirsten has done so well with her change of mindset, to leap out of her comfort zone and find a job with a new employer who was able to give her regular hours and the routine she needed.” While Kirsten worried about leaving her previous employer, she knew that atWork Australia would be there to support her through the transition and help her settle into her new role.

Now, Kirsten has secured employment as a Deli Assistant at her local FOODIESMARKET Marmion and is thriving knowing where she stands with her time and money each week. Regular employment has given her courage, stability and confidence knowing she can provide for her family.

Kirsten has felt supported through the help and understanding she has received from her manager, Liz, at FOODIESMARKET Marmion. Kirsten came on board at the right time and her work ethic has been an asset to the team at a time they have been impacted by staff shortages.

The team at FOODIESMARKET Marmion said, “working with atWork Australia has been a blessing in disguise. The checks have all been done before candidates are referred, making it easier for us to recruit good people. Working with an employment services provider also helps us support our local community and live by our company motto, ‘buy local & support local’. We are strong believers of giving everyone a chance in employment, as you never know how an individual can outshine the role with the skills they behold.”

Looking back on her journey so far, Kirsten says, “it has brought me peace and calm to get through each day and set goals for the week and I feel empowered to keep achieving.” It has also given Kirsten the confidence to think about her future including more study, and to help others who are facing barriers with mental health, addiction and domestic violence.

To those experiencing difficulty finding work, Kirsten encourages them to “be brave”. She says, “acknowledge where you are at and seek support.”

atWork Australia work with clients, not only through support that can help an individual overcome their challenges like Kirsten has, but also through practical and financial support, such as fuel and transport vouchers, to limit external pressures and allow clients to attend interviews and find sustainable employment.

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