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ANXIETY, lack of confidence, financial stress and pending homelessness are just some of the barriers Kyra McCullock had to overcome in order to find employment. The 22-year-old Mandurah resident’s remarkable approach to overcome these challenges has resulted in her creating a new future – beginning with finding work.

Kyra, with her atWork Australia Employment Consultant Dee Wiltshire-Butler, looked at her local labour market and considered her skills, experience and personal style with the goal of increasing her chances of getting work. What changes were needed? One obvious thing related to her previous job, Kyra worked limited hours in a noisy bar, which was located an hour away from home and exacerbated her anxiety.

Kyra says: “My anxiety affects my ability to make calls which has deterred me from job hunting – but atWork Australia understood this and has supported me through this process.”

atWork Australia worked one-on-one with Kyra to tailor potential job opportunities that focused on her strengths and pre-existing hospitality based skills. “My employment consultant, Dee, was matching the right job interviews to my experience level. She understood my comfort zone which would not create further anxiety,” Kyra tells us.

Utilising various networks, Dee organised a job interview with a potential employer, Safety Bay Bowling Club. The bowling club setting was more suited to Kyra due to clientele tending to be less rowdy compared to bar/night club patrons. In the past, noise levels triggered anxiety – something Kyra was keen to remedy.

Kyra says Disability Employment Service atWork Australia understood her mental illness and became the first job provider to help her find the right job.

Following her interview with Colin from Safety Bay Bowling Club Kyra was offered her first shift – an exciting Melbourne Cup day event at the club. Despite her fear of large crowds Kyra used support from atWork Australia to renew her confidence and her first day was a success in all ways. Safety Bay Bowling Club offered Kyra a job and atWork Australia assisted with funding her approved manager license. This permitted her to manage the bar on her own, including opening and closing the bar.

In the past four months, Kyra has solidified her skills to become a reliable worker and the members of the club, and people that utilise the facilities love seeing her behind the bar. “I love this job and the people I work with. The environment is amazing and I especially enjoy the social nights where the patrons get dressed up in rockabilly and dance the night away,” Kyra says.

atWork Australia also supported Kyra in her home life, to making an arrangement with her landlord, assuring them about the new job and helping her avoid eviction from her home.

Kyra’s manager Colin tells us: “Safety Bay Bowling Club is very pleased to have Kyra as a member of our staff and she’s a fantastic example that young people have a great work ethic and want to work.”

atWork Australia works tirelessly to assist our clients in overcoming their barriers to finding meaningful and sustainable employment. Call us on 1300 080 856 or enquire online today to see how we can help you.

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