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After four years of unemployment, Les is a valued new employee at a labouring company in Goulbourn Valley, Victoria.

In 2016, Les was in a horrific car accident which placed him in a coma for two weeks and led to extended stays in hospital and rehab. Eventually, Les moved in with his Mum for extra support.

Through the support of his Mum and other organisations including IPAR,who provide Occupational Rehabilitation services,  Les was connected with the atWork Australia office in Shepparton, Victoria.

Les was matched with atWork Australia’s Disability Employment Services Job Coach, Belinda. Les expressed his concerns about being overlooked by potential employees due to the results of his brain injury.

Belinda took Les’ concerns on board and together they worked on his job plan, helping him to create a resume and cover letter, as well as practice for interviews and get job-ready.

“Les was always motivated to find work, arriving on time to his appointments and driven in the job search,” said Belinda.

atWork Australia was also able to assist Les in gaining a heavy vehicle licence and appropriate work clothes and boots.

After Les conducted a great interview and with the introduction of a wage subsidy, a local labour company were happy to offer Les ongoing employment.

Les was excited to gain the position and new freedom. “You beauty!” said Les, “I was over the moon to be employed, it gives me financial freedom; I don’t have to live off benefits anymore.”

Les found the atWork Australia team very helpful and appreciated how Belinda allowed him to go at his own pace.

“Belinda was very clear as to what atWork Australia required and she never put any stress on me. Belinda applied for many positions for me and always advocated for me to employers,” said Les.

atWork Australia work tirelessly to assist our clients in overcoming their barriers to finding meaningful and sustainable employment, just like Les has. Call us on 1300 080 856 or enquire online today to see how we can help you.

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