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atWork Australia first met with Lindsay in March 2019 as he attended the Spearwood Marketing Day. He was keen to move into employment, despite having previous compliance and housing issues. He was referred to our Vocational Training and Employment Centre (VTEC), which specialises in placing Indigenous Australians into meaningful and sustainable employment. Please note that this service is now named Indigenous Employment Service (IES).

Lindsay initially underwent training in Traffic Management; however, he was unable to secure employment in that role. Together with his Employment Consultant, Lindsay pursued other opportunities and gained employment in a Sample Prep role though Bureau Veritas Minerals. atWork Australia assisted him with a mobile phone to maintain contact, work related PPE and fuel cards.

Lindsay then moved through to Post Placement Support and had regular contact with his Employment Consultant to monitor his progress. He did have some absences at work – due to personal issues however he worked with his employer and atWork Australia to remain employed. Lindsay exited the system after 26 weeks as he was still working. His personal issues remained, and he was offered access to atWork Australia’s Psychology services, however Lindsay declined this offer.

atWork Australia did remain in contact with Lindsay and was aware that he had left his employment at Bureau Veritas Minerals. He was re-referred in December 2019, via the self-service option. He was embarrassed at asking for assistance again due to his unemployment status, and that he had already been given so many chances to remain employed. Lindsay was also faced with the difficult decision of dealing with extended family members as well as providing for his partner and their young daughter.

atWork Australia remained positive and encouraged Lindsay to seek assistance from other provides such as Department of Housing to assist him to find a permanent residence and to access the Psychology Services.

Lindsay re-commenced his employment journey with atWork Australia, and he was scheduled to attend the Jobs Fair hosted by Department of Education, Skills and Employment, however this was postponed due to COVID-19. His National Police Clearance was updated, and he finally accessed the Psychology Services on offer. atWork Australia began marketing Lindsay to both local and FIFO employment.

atWork Australia has a great connection with Linkforce Engineering though IES. Lindsay were referred to the Linkforce programme of Link2Opportunity : a pre-employment program designed to provide a safe, structured & supportive environment for unemployed jobseekers. Equipping all participants with both the technical and soft skills required to secure an opportunity to commence employment with Linkforce.

Lindsay completing his training with Linkforce in late July and was offered employment as a FIFO Trades Assistant. He was scheduled to fly out to commence employment, however tragically his younger brother passed away in custody. Both atWork Australia and Linkforce were empathetic to Lindsay’s situation and assured him that he would be guaranteed a job once he grieved with his family.

During that time, atWork Australia remained in contact with both Lindsay and his partner to offer support and assistance. Lindsay showed so much determination to get back to starting his new employment, even completing additional training courses in between his brother’s passing.

Lindsay commenced employment with Linkforce in September and has since progressed into Post Placement Support.

Before starting work, Lindsay visited atWork Australia to express his gratitude for the many opportunities that were given to him and for the constant support and encouragement that was offered. He also introduced the office to his baby daughter and his partner, who the staff had spoken a lot over the phone but not met face to face. Lindsay knows that he can call, email or drop into the office to have a yarn with atWork Australia anytime.

The Employment Consultant who worked together with Lindsay said that ‘I am extremely proud of Lindsay and whilst looking back on the time since I first met with him, Lindsay has exceeded his expectations/goals and other hurdles. I use Lindsay’s example to inspire others to remain positive and be proactive in changing their own circumstances’.

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