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Long-term unemployment and a large gap of experience can be a challenging hurdle when looking for a job.

Bikash, 58, from Hamilton Hill WA, was living with various health conditions that had prevented him from sustaining long-term employment.

Bikash first attended a jobs fair, at this stage he had been unemployed for 18 months and was having difficulty finding opportunities on his own. He was invited to visit the Hamilton Hill office where he was connected with a Job Coach, Victoria.

Victoria helped Bikash focus on positive steps forward. Victoria and Bikash worked on finding the most suitable employment path, while he also attended Jobs Now sessions and they worked together on updating Bikash’s CV and interview skills. Within a few weeks he had secured an interview.

It was after this interview that Bikash was offered a full-time employment as a factory hand / customer service representative with Paraquad industries. Bikash told Victoria how excited and thankful he was for the help and support he was given by atWork Australia.

Bikash complimented the professionalism and passion the atWork Australia team showed in helping him to find suitable employment.

Bikash said “Victoria [and the other atWork Australia team members] are amazing. They are excellent and friendly people. They have lots of interest and patience to listen to [me]; subsequently finding me a job in four weeks. I will always be thankful to Victoria for her excellent work”.

Victoria said “Bikash was a very lovely client and determined to find employment. It was heart-warming to see how excited he was to start employment’’.

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