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Emily came to atWork Australia to gain assistance in finding employment, she had been out of work for eight years while she was the principal carer for her twin boys.

Emily expressed that she lacked confidence due to having minimal workplace experience and only basic resume writing competencies.

Emily had a limited support network, which would intensify the challenge of finding work, particularly whilst caring for her boys.

Job Coach, Kayla, worked closely with Emily to address her barriers while remaining supportive and positive, regardless of her circumstances. Kayla helped Emily build a strong resume, discussing employment and training options that were available to her.

Emily had already commenced study in the past, however, she was unable to complete the course as COVID-19 restrictions meant that she was unable to finish the placement component of the certificate and moreover, the course as a whole. This had a negative impact on Emily, who was then hesitant towards any other study options.

Emily’s challenge to find work was compounded by her principal carer duties for her twin boys, however, her twins are her inspiration to strive for a better life.

Emily always attended her appointments with her Job Coaches, who assisted Emily by working to build an ideal resume. Emily had not updated her resume in many years and felt unsure where to start. Job Coach Kayla discussed all employment options as well as the relevant training possibilities that were available to her, which would invariably increase her chances of attaining employment. Emily articulated the positions that she felt would suit her, taking in to account her living and family situations.

Emily displayed that she was ready to work and was willing to complete any training necessary, if it meant it would get her the role that she was after.

It was through researching the labour market and contacting employers that, they found the ideal role for Emily, which was something that she was not only interested in but was also in line with her circumstances.

Job Coach Kayla said, “Emily couldn’t believe it when we advised her that an employer wanted to meet her for an opportunity as a Farmhand at Oriental Green. Emily screamed with excitement and advised us that the role sounded perfect”. According to Job Coach Kayla, Emily came into the office the next day and had tears in her eyes and couldn’t stop thanking her Job Coach for all she had done for her.

Every time a Job Coach speaks with Emily, she will always thank you for the help and support, she believes that she wouldn’t have been able to have done it without her Job Coach’s backing.

Emily will also pop into the office to check in and continue to thank us. Emily advised she hasn’t felt this happy in a long time.

atWork Australia Oaklands Park staff will continue to work with Emily and assist her in gaining her forklift license and ensure that she sustains her dream job.

Every year, atWork Australia helps thousands of clients like Emily expand their skills and qualifications to help them gain the right job with the right employer. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online to find out how we can help you meet your career goals.

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