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I cannot thank the team enough for believing in me and giving me the confidence to not give up and to keep moving forward. Luigina, Workforce Australia Client, SA.

Workforce Australia client, Luigina, is going from strength to strength on her employment journey and loving every second.

After nervously entering the Davoren Park office in SA, and after several negative experiences with previous employers, the 59-year-old was delighted to be met by her Job Coach, Natalie’s, smiling face.

Within their first appointment together, Luigina shared her story and how taking the next step on her journey made her feel overwhelmed and scared. Natalie was there to listen and remind her of all the ways that we will be supporting her to find a supportive employer for her.

Despite working in aged care for several years, and loving it, her previous workplaces left Luigina questioning if this path was still something that she would like to continue in the future. All Luigina knew, was that she wanted to upskill and try something different.

Off the back of this conversation, Natalie was able to pull together a tailored job plan that was catered to Luigina’s needs, wants and goals. This plan was centered around trying new things and experiencing different workplaces.

This plan was later proven to be pivotal to Luigina’s confidence, not only just in the workplace setting, but outside of work too!

With Natalie now having a great understanding of Luigina and her goals, she recommended her to complete a course in business, as this is a great transferrable skill that can be utilised in many industries. Luigina jumped at the idea, so she was later enrolled.

Throughout the duration of completing this course, Luigina was not only attending her scheduled appointments, but also volunteering at her local Salvation Army as a part of her Work for the Dole (WFD) activity. She was thriving and loving every second.

“Since starting both the WFD activity at Salvation Army and the course, she has picked up confidence to be able to work through these activities.” Natalie states.

“She is still completing the activity but has requested if they can stay on as a volunteer due to how much she is loving each and every day.”

Natalie and the broader team know that this is not the end of Luigina’s story and can’t wait to support her further upon the completion of her Certificate III.

“I cannot thank the team enough for believing in me and giving me the confidence to not give up and to keep moving forward.” – Luigina, atWork Australia client.

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