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Hiring people with disability is a no brainer. Here at atWork Australia, we want employers to realise the benefits that people with disability can bring to the workplace, and how an inclusive workplace is best. Before you hire though, there are some things to consider to ensure your workplace is suitable.

With one in five Australians living with disability in their lifetime, there is over four million people with disability who may also be in the workforce. Disability isn’t always visible, so chances are you already have an employee who lives with disability.

Prior to hiring a person with disability, consider your work environment. Is your workplace fully inclusive and accessible to people with disability? Would anything in your workplace hinder equal and effective participation for an employee with disability?

The Australian Network on Disability recently listed questions employers should ask themselves prior to recruiting an inclusive workforce. This list of questions could also be helpful for employers who already hire people with disability.

  1. Is your workplace’s physical location accessible? 
  2. Has your organisation expressed a commitment to access and inclusion?
  3. Does your organisation ask people with disability what adjustments they need to perform their roles?
  4. Can people with disability participate fully and equally in work-related training and events?
  5. Does your organisation use inclusive language?
  6. Does every person in your workplace enjoy equality of opportunity and career development?

Answering each of these questions and giving your workplace a rating of inclusivity is an effective tool to see how your workplace is doing, how you could improve and what changes might have to be made.

Here at atWork Australia, we are experts at finding people with disability the right job, a job that not only suits them but also provides employers with a productive and reliable employee. We get to know and understand the needs of your workplace and the skills or types of people you want to employ.

When you choose to employ talented candidates through these programs, your business may be eligible for wage subsidies and other supports too, which is simple and straightforward to implement.

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