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When Marcus* came to atWork Australia’s Workforce Australia office in Lakemba, NSW, he bought a wealth of experience from his marketing background and his time spent as a photographer. Although, at fifty years old, he has spent the past two years unemployed, as he had family commitments that required his attention.

When Marcus met his Job Coach, Mehdi, he shared his dreams of one day starting his own business. Mehdi wanted to support Marcus to achieve his goals and immediately put actions in place for how atWork Australia could support him. Mehdi said, “I was quickly able to develop a strong relationship with Marcus and I could see how motivated he was. He is a naturally gifted communicator; it is impressive how he builds rapport with everyone he meets.”

To support Marcus to achieve his goal of starting his own business, Mehdi referred him to multiple internal activities to develop vital skills that would assist him on his journey. Marcus was able to develop his skills and knowledge in areas such as; providing customer service in a professional manner, he learnt the fundamentals of providing respectful and high-quality customer service with a focus on interpersonal skills and how to work effectively and engage customers in a service environment.

After participating in the activities, Marcus felt like all his skills had been boosted and he wanted to continue pursuing his goal of starting his own business. With his Job Coach’s support, Marcus, set himself small achievable goals and started taking positive steps towards launching his business.

As a result of Marcus’s hard work, he is now successfully running his own online business. Marcus is incredibly proud of his achievements and grateful for the support he has received from atWork Australia. Marcus said, “Thank you, Mehdi and Wendy. I really appreciate your time and efforts. Your encouragement is kind and a driving force for me to make a big change.”

Marcus’s journey with atWork Australia has been very successful. He has been able to develop a positive mindset, set achievable goals and gained the courage to put steps in place to follow his dreams. Marcus continues to run his own business and atWork Australia are proud to be apart of his journey.

“Strive for success and see the best version of yourself”

*The clients name in this story had been changed for privacy purposes

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