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After six years of being unemployed and with no qualifications, 51-year-old Martin was frustrated at a lack of opportunities available to him. Martin registered with the atWork Australia Ipswich office and meet with his Disability Employment Services Job Coach, Sonya. To find sustainable employment, together Martin and Sonya, worked on identifying the need to explore training options.

Having last worked in 2013, Martin wanted to ensure that the training course he chose had real employment prospects. Seeing that the transportation industry had plenty of jobs he could apply for he enrolled in the Certificate III in Driving Operations.

In addition to his truck licence, it was a course that considered all elements to sustaining employment, including how to safely secure loads, how to carry out vehicle inspections, as well as, fatigue management strategies for long-haul driving interstate.

To support Martin in his studies, Sonya arranged for atWork Australia to pay the co-contribution fee and provided petrol vouchers to pay for the 123km round trip to the practicum location.

While appreciative of the practical assistance, Martin counts Sonya’s support and belief in him that he could complete the course and gain his HR license as the most beneficial.

“Sonya has an infectious attitude and belief that everyone can achieve what we set out to achieve if we believe in ourselves,” says Martin.

Sonya has now set aside two hours, two days a week to assist Martin with getting a job. Support that has provided Martin with a new outlook on his future and employment possibilities.

“Opportunities are there! You just need to go out and find them and believe in yourself that you can do what it takes to reach your goals,” says Martin. “Nothing falls in your lap so you need to constantly keep trying, remain focused and go get it.”

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