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At fifty-one years old, Mary* had been unemployed for a few years; she was feeling powerless and as if she did not have control of the direction of her life. Mary new she needed to make changes in her life and took the brave step to reach out to atWork Australia’s lakemba office to get tailored support from the Workforce Australia team.

Mary was a bit nervous when she attended her first appointment. However, when she met her Job Coach, Mehdi, she was feeling much more at ease. Mary advised Mehdi that she was nervous and was lacking direction for what employment opportunities she wanted to pursue. Mehdi reminded Mary that atWork Australia were here to support her and that together they could create a clear plan for how she could progress towards employment at her own pace.

Mehdi began working with Mary to develop her job searching skills, teaching her how to find positions that match her skill set. The pair also conducted mock interviews, giving Mary an opportunity to develop strong responses to standard and behavioural interview questions. Mehdi was able to create a comfortable environment, where Mary felt supported and was able to take on Mehdi’s feedback. Mehdi coached Mary on how to use the STAR formula when answering interview questions. For every response, it’s important to outline the Situation, Task, Action, and Result to show the interviewer how you were able to resolve a challenge or an issue and highlight the outcomes of your actions.

Mehdi continued to encourage Mary to participate in different activities to improve her employability skills and to help meet her monthly requirements. Mary took the advice from her Job Coach and participated in activities that supported her to uncover her strengths, identify personal values, create a positive mindset, and learn the importance of creating steppingstones to achieve long-term goals. Mary’s Job Coach, Mehdi, said, “After participating in the activities, Mary began to uncover her strengths. Mary began to shift her negative thought patterns into positive ones.”

Mary was very happy with the service she has received from atWork Australia, she felt supported at all stages of her journey. We look forward to watching Mary progress on her journey.

“You will face many defeats in life, but never let yourself be defeated,” said Mary.

*The clients name in this story has been changed to protect their privacy

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