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Change is afoot. Today marks the start of the National Reconciliation Week.

Today we all Acknowledge the Country we are living on, and / or working on – it’s a simple and important way to acknowledge that wherever we are in Australia we are on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander lands.

In conjunction with MedHealth, atWork Australia is proud to announce the launch of the Reconciliation Action Plan on 30th May 2022. A commitment to reconciliation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through our services of providing meaningful employment for all Australians.

atWork Australia is committed to supporting and enabling better employment outcomes. We support Australians from all walks of life to move forward and achieve their potential. The employment to population rate for First Nations people aged 15 – 64 was around 48% in 2014/15, compared to 75% for non-Indigenous Australian’s (ABS 2016b); our vision for reconciliation is a unified Australia where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have equal opportunity and thrive through meaningful employment.

Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese committed to implementing the Uluru Statement from the Heart in Full, in his first press conference. He now stands in front of three flags when talking to the nation – the Australian flag, the Aboriginal flag and the Torres Strait Islander flag.

True reconciliation has the greatest chance when it’s part of public life and, equally, part of our professional and personal lives.

Learn more about the Uluru Statement from the Heart: this beautiful video shares the words with us and here is an overview of the statement and its components.

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