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Engaged and determined clients make the job of a Job Coach so much more enjoyable. One of these eager clients is Monica, 27, from Frankston, VIC. Monica lives with a musculoskeletal disorder and wanted to land her dream job – and first ever job – in Community Mental Health but despite studying for a career in Mental Health, she was unsuccessful due to her lack of work experience.

One night, Monica was feeling restless and contemplated what to do with her life when she saw an atWork Australia advertisement on TV and thought to herself: “Why not give it a shot”. Shortly after, Monica registered with atWork Australia in Frankston where she met Customer Service Consultant Simone, who assisted her with updating her resume and cover letter. Monica says: “Simone made me sound very professional and she was able to use my volunteer experience as professional references which just made it sound awesome.”

After perfecting Monica’s resume, her Job Coach Kim suggested attending the virtual Jobs Now group sessions, organised by Regional Managers Nicole and Simone. Due to Covid-19 restrictions in Victoria at that time, these sessions were held via Zoom. They provide valuable information about what to expect on the job market, how to prepare and what to expect during the job application process and what happens after you secure a role.

Monica has no work experience besides participating in interview role play and attending the virtual Job Now group sessions.  She was the first in the group to secure employment.

After applying for close to 70-80 roles, Monica finally got invited to an official job interview at a Mental Health organisation, called Mind Australia. Mind is one of the country’s leading community-managed specialist mental health services supporting people living with a mental health condition; and their families, friends and carers.

What made Monica successful was that she implemented everything she learned from her Job Coach and the virtual Jobs Now sessions.

When Monica found out that she had secured a role she was beyond happy, smiling from ear to ear. Monica says: “I had a grin so wide that my face literally was sore from smiling.”

Monica called Kim and both are still unsure who was more excited – her or her Job Coach. Monica adds: “Kim told me that it was absolutely amazing news and she was so very proud of me, which just added to the joy I was feeling!“

Monica has now been in her role as a Community Mental Health Relief Worker for six weeks and she absolutely flourishes in her role. Monica says: “I have been so supported by both my new co-workers, and managers as well as the atWork Australia staff who have been checking in weekly.”

Quote Nicole: “Monica was one of our most engaging and driven clients. Monica was so determined to find her dream job and we were just as determined to help her do it.”

Mind is offering Monica the opportunity to upskill within the company and she will be eligible to apply for a permanent role in a year’s time after obtaining more experience.  “I feel like now that I have attained a job in my dream career, nothing can stop me from pursuing any other dreams that I have!” says Monica proudly.

Every year, atWork Australia helps thousands of clients like Monica expand their skills and qualifications to help them gain the right job with the right employer. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online to find out how we can help you meet your career goals.

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