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Natasha came to atWork Australia for help with finding a job. For many years Natasha had been unemployed, and her confidence was at an all-time low. Natasha knew deep down that she had something to offer, and after losing her sister at a young age due to sickness, she had always thought that a job where she could help others would be right for her, because she understands how hard it can be.

That’s where atWork Australia came in.

Natasha’s Disability Employment Services Job Coach, Sonya, got to know Natasha – her abilities, skills, interests, and goals. Sonya saw Natasha’s potential and together they talked about the kind of work and the kind of employer that was going to be right for Natasha.

Even though Natasha hadn’t done any study since being at school, she went back and started a Certificate III in Individual Support. “Natasha was worried that she wouldn’t cope with the studies, but I reassured her she would, and we made a plan of how atWork Australia would help Natasha get through the course. She’s almost there – just a placement to go and she will have her certificate!” Sonya said.

At the same time as studying, Natasha would come into the atWork Australia office to get prepared for finding work. “Together we gave Natasha’s resumé a makeover to target the jobs that were right for her. We also worked on her computer skills, how to research jobs, how to contact employers and so on,” said Sonya.

“Whilst Natasha was here at the atWork Australia office volunteering, she actually met her future employer, Amy. Amy noticed Natasha working and asked me if Natasha would be interested in working with her as an Administration Assistant at first, with further opportunities down the track,” said Sonya.

Natasha couldn’t believe it, “Wow! I jumped at the chance! I now work 20 hours a week and attend my training on the other two days. I was nervous in the beginning, but Sonya told me that everyone feels this way. She taught me some strategies to help my nerves and she made me feel supported and brave,” said Natasha. “I’ve settled in now and I can’t explain how proud I am to have a job. I feel that things are finally going my way. I am more confident, more independent and I am making new friends.”

“What I’ve learnt is that if you think that you can work, you can. If you think that there could be something out there, there is. If you want help to find the right job for you, then go to atWork Australia. Take it from me, work has changed my life,” Natasha said.

Let us help you find work that can truly change your life, just like it has for Natasha. Call us on 1300 080 856 or enquire online today.

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