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The new campaign highlights our commitment to connect more people living with disability, injury, health condition or disadvantage with business, so both can thrive.

As a leading national employment services provider, we support people living with a disability, injury or health condition, or overcoming other challenges to find sustainable and meaningful work. We also assist businesses nationally looking to recruit and retain a diverse workforce through candidate supply, diversity and inclusion workforce planning.

A primary challenge that prevents people living with a disability or disadvantage to join a workplace, is confidence. They may experience low self-esteem, or a lack of faith in what they can bring to the table. Inversely, many businesses may be sceptical of the value someone living with a disability or disadvantage can add to their workplace.

After a successful brand campaign in 2021, atWork Australia sought to maintain momentum by building upon its belief that “Work’s For Everyone” – a belief that creates a sense of intention and a rallying cry, aligning with our values and core purpose – to connect people and business so both can thrive.

The 2022 campaign profiles a series of heart-warming stories, where three real-life experiences are brought to life of individuals who’ve found employment through atWork Australia, and who receive feedback from their co-workers about their contributions.

View these stories here –,au/work

Working with agency, Archibald Williams, these stories are abstractly shot as a ‘day in the life of’ and act as a performance review of each individual by featuring encouraging comments from their co-workers.

To enhance emotion and relatability, all campaign aspects were as authentic and genuine as possible, using audio from real performance reviews by real co-workers, and in some cases footage from real workplaces.

“We were seeking a campaign that built upon our 2021 brand campaign, whereby ‘Work’s for everyone’ was born. Archibald William’s next iteration brings to life this belief, challenges misconceptions about hiring people living with disability, injury, health condition or disadvantage, celebrates diversity, and brings to life the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace, and society more broadly. We hope this campaign enables atWork Australia to connect more people and business so both can thrive”, said Katherine Newton, Senior Manager Marketing, Communications & Customer Experience, atWork Australia.

“We wanted to use real performance reviews of atWork Australia clients as a way to show the business-wide benefits that can come from hiring someone living with a disability, injury, health condition or disadvantage. We hope these reviews will inspire new clients and employers to get in touch with atWork Australia and we can bring more of these success stories to life,” said Matt Gilmour, Executive Creative Director, Archibald Williams.

The new campaign includes TV, OOH/Billboard, Social, Cinema, Programmatic Display, and transit OOH.

Three parts of different faces combined into one image to showcase that no matter who you are Work's for Everyone

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