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Hikali has been in touch with her atWork Australia employment consultant for about a year and a half during which time she was studying beauty therapy. This is a field of work Hakali was extremely interested in and she has been committed to attending and completing all her projects for TAFE.

After her initial 6 months of the course, Hakali advised her employment consultant that she would be able to work part time in a salon if possible, so the search began.

Hikali then attended our Youth Hub in Joondalup which was held in early April, where the atWork team were able to speak with our reverse marketers regarding any employers within the beauty industry that they may have a rapport with.

One of our reverse marketers leapt into action and was able to quickly set Hakali up with an interview. Hikali also spoke with Dress for Success at the Youth Hub and left with a lovely new jacket plus heels for the interview and…

…. she got the job! Hikali started last week and is so far, loving it.

We wish Hakali and her employer well and are delighted to have helped facilitate this fantastic work opportunity.


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