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The Island View Motel is located in Townsville, North Queensland and operated by Chris and his wife Toni.

The couple bought the motel, formerly known as Ridgemont, just over a year ago. Since the purchase the motel has been refreshed by changing its name, giving it a facelift and cleaning up the surroundings of the motel. Chris and Toni are passionate about providing their guests with excellent customer service.

Chris and his wife started off with a small team and since the business has been growing, they have reached out to atWork Australia to assist with finding new staff members for the Island View Motel.

Monica, atWork Australia’s Employer Engagement Consultant, met Chris and Toni through a local networking group called BNI. Chris was interested in finding out more about atWork Australia and its services. What made it appealing to Chris is that the hassle has been taken out of the recruitment process and it is a lot simpler. Additionally, atWork Australia can provide that extra support such as Post Placement Support and wage subsidies. Being able to change someone’s life by hiring someone who lives with a disability was an incentive for the Island View Motel as well.

Monica has always been understanding of the needs of the Island View Motel and assisted with solutions when required.

Chris, the owner of Island View Motel says: “atWork Australia has always been able to assist with candidates when required.”

Currently, the Island View Motel is employing two atWork Australia clients but the business is open to taking on more staff once it gets busier.

Monica says about Chris: “He is a wonderful employer to work with and has a great approach to life. Chris is very supportive and is willing to provide someone with an opportunity they may not have had before.”

She adds: “I can see Chris and his wife going very far with their motel and that his hard work is definitely starting to pay off.“

Melanie, an atWork Australia client, works now for the Island View Motel. She had been unemployed for over three years and lives with a mental health condition. Melanie loves working for the Island View Motel as she enjoys the atmosphere, the owners and the whole aspect of working. She values the fact that it keeps her busy, and Chris and Toni are very happy with how Melanie has settled into their business.

Monica says: “It has been great to see Melanie enjoy her job as well as receive good feedback from her employer.“

After so many years of placing people with disability into sustainable and meaningful employment, atWork Australia knows how to make the recruitment process a success for employers. It’s about showing people who may hesitate to look for work that they have strengths; and because of that, work’s for them. We’d love to tell you more and answer any questions you may have. Please call us on 1300 080 856 or send an email to and let’s get started today.

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