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Alex is using new skills after receiving the right support and finding a role he is interested in.

From San Remo in New South Wales, Alex, 30, lives with depression, anxiety and other mental health barriers, and has received little support over the years.

After being unemployed for over 12 months, he was referred to atWork Australia in March 2020 to help him find suitable work that would be sustainable and enjoyable and help him with his depression.

His Job Coach, Dean says that Alex had limited motivation, poor communication skills and a limited employment history.

But that was all about to change for Alex.

When Dean first met with Alex, he quickly established that ideally, Alex would like to work in a factory or warehouse.

As luck would have it, Dean already knew of a role that was in the works at a metal factory not too far away.

As a regular user of services provided by atWork Australia, the Manager of the metal factory often received résumés from Dean and knew any client sent his way was worthy of a job.

After speaking with the Manager, Dean knew this was a great opportunity for Alex and told him he could start the very next day.

“Alex was amazed, but also a bit worried that we had a job for him and that he was to start the next day. He arrived early on his first day and did very well,” Dean says.

Although there was a short period where Alex turned down a few shifts over a four-week period, he is now very reliable, hardworking and due to this, has been put on in a full-time capacity.

Alex has now been working in the role for more than six months and is grateful and very happy, according to Dean.

“Alex will soon be gaining his forklift licence so that he can drive the forklift around the factory,” he says.

Alex was surprised and extremely happy to finally land a job.

“This job has changed my life, I love it,” he says.

Thousands of people with a disability, injury or mental health condition have found meaningful work through atWork Australia. To see how we can help you or someone you know find meaningful work, call 1300 080 856 or enquire online today.

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