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Good news from atWork Australia.

Bowral local, Carrie*, is the primary parent of her eight-year-old daughter. She entered the atWork Australia office in Bowral, NSW, seeking professional support in finding employment after spending the past eight years out of the workforce caring for her daughter.

After applying for several positions and attending interviews solo with no luck, Carrie was looking forward to working with Activation Consultant, Shannon, and the broader Workforce Australia team.

As a first port of call, Shannon and Carrie got to know each other, whilst also explaining the PBAS system and what was required to successfully navigate the system.

From here, a plan was created for Carrie to progress into employment. This plan comprised of some volunteer work, to not only build her confidence within the space and herself, but to also give her some recent working experience.

Shannon connected with various employer contacts within the area in regard to Carrie’s volunteering offering. She was successful in obtaining a position with a local St Vincent De Paul on a part-time basis for eight weeks.

Several weeks into her contract, Shannon, visited the workplace to check in on her progress and if there is anything further she needs in order to achieve her goal of progressing into employment.

The St Vincent De Paul host confirmed that Carrie was doing very well with her confidence building, each and every day. Not only that, but she has fit in with the team exceptionally and is enjoying her time there.

The employer values her that much, that they have extended their support to her and her daughter in different forms too. One of which being a surprise 50th birthday party they have planned.

This activity means much more than work experience to Carrie, it gives her purpose to get up and out of the house each week. It has taught her how to manage a work/parenting routine.

Shannon and the broader Bowral Workforce Australia atWork Australia team look forward to working with Carrie in the future when she enters employment, when she feels she is ready.

*Name has been changed for privacy.

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