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Workforce Australia client, Nico entered the atWork Australia office in Port Pirie, SA looking for an Employment Services provider that believed in him.

Nico lives with various mental health issues and a drug addiction which negatively affects his confidence and communication skills. Despite these barriers, Nico was eager to get into the workforce after 6 years of unemployment and within his first appointment with Job Coach, Steven, this was unveiled despite very few words.

Steven and Nico discussed what Nico’s skills, employment history and his goals are. Nico showed interest in working within the heavy construction industry, so they co-designed a plan to get him there. This started with gaining several tickets and certifications including HIMS, forklift license, civil construction certificate, white card and working at heights just to name a few.

Whilst completing these certifications, Nico also completed atWork Australia’s JobsNow program allowing Nico to develop job ready skills. The combination of these courses not only gave Nico the confidence he needed but, also allowed him to build on his social skills and meet new friends and connections within the sector.

Whilst Nico was completing his studies, Steven checked in regularly with the program organisers to ensure that Nico was doing okay whilst also seeing if any extra support was required. Feedback was always extremely positive, stating Nico was “top of class” in all areas. Steven always passed on the feedback which boosted Nico’s confidence and fueled his hunger to succeed.

Nico has improved his life in all areas. This journey has inspired him to also look for new housing to remove himself from the toxic environment which landed him in this position. He also no longer uses drugs which has only benefitted his mental and physical health.

Positive testimonials were also shared about Nico from his course coordinators and teachers. They all describe Nico as a star student that not only wants success for himself, but his fellow classmates too. He willingly stays back and assists others in their success.

Several employers have already reached out to Nico expressing their interest in employing him. One employer stated at the Mock Interviews “I can’t understand why Nico isn’t already in work”.

“Throughout Nico’s journey with atWork Australia his whole demeanor has changed from very serious, quiet, and reserved to extremely confident, loud and comes into the office and greets everyone with a laugh and a joke,” said Job Coach Steven.

“His journey is unbelievable, and you would not think that it was the same person.”

Nico stated atWork Australia has been his main support network and have helped redirect his life.

In 2023, Nico will officially start his job search. Steven and the team at atWork Australia in Port Pirie look forward to finding him the perfect role for him.

“I am so much more confident since completing HIMS, I have made a lot of friends and networks with employers which has helped me turn my life around and choose a different and much healthier path. I have lots of fantastic job opportunities offered to me and I cannot wait to start work in the new year!” – Nico, Workforce Australia client.

Every year, atWork Australia helps thousands of clients like Nico expand their skills and qualifications to help them gain the right job with the right employer. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online to find out how we can help you meet your career goals.

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