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Ninos is a client of atWork Australia’s Broadmeadows office. He engaged with atWork Australia’s Disability Employment Service in order to gain assistance in finding work whilst managing his physical and mental health concerns.

As long-term unemployment loomed for Ninos due to his experience with depression and anxiety, Job Coach Vilda had Ninos engage in interactive programs such as simulated or mock-interviews to keep the wheels turning and identify areas of  improvement that could be applied to his job interview techniques.

In collaboration with the region’s Employment Engagement Consultant Nicole, the team were able, not only to, practice speaking to future employers but identify job vacancies in the local area.

The resulting stress caused by Ninos’ waning moods and limitations, would only contribute to the difficulties of being placed in employment however, Vilda and Nicole were able to reduce the pressure on Ninos by making contact with employers and outlining his abilities and endorsing his best qualities.

Several employment opportunities opened up though, Vilda and Nicole had to make sure that Ninos was given the chance to thoroughly  prepare for job interviews, this was achieved  through the process of rehearsing what questions may be asked by the employer at the interview  and how best to present himself.

Nicole and Vilda would follow this process every time he agreed to be referred to an employer, until Ninos was successfully inducted into Scope Australia as a cleaner.

They also assisted him with employment documents such as a Working with Children’s Check as well as uploading essential documents onto the Scope online employment portal.

The employer stated that their team, “Was very impressed with Ninos’ performance and decided to recruit him”.

Nicole remarked, “After onboarding Ninos with atWork Australia, he had a range of barriers to his employment but Ninos has definitely improved over time, he is more proactive and enthusiastic now that we have found him employment”.

Ninos said that he is, “Very thankful for the hard work and effort from Vilda and EEC Nicole in helping him find sustainable employment. Nicole and Vilda have really helped me find this job and I appreciate their time and effort”.

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