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A new job as a warehouse operator could not have come at a better time for Lisa, who was beginning to worry about her future after being out of work for nearly six months.

By the time Lisa approached the Miller, NSW office of atWork Australia, she had applied for countless online jobs without success. She was unsure about what she could do differently and needed some professional guidance to support her in the sometimes arduous task of job hunting.

While Lisa was starting to feel stressed about her pile of unpaid bills, her Job Coach, Pauline, was certain success was not far off.

“While Lisa wasn’t getting the feedback she wanted, she had plenty of work experience and her determination really shone through,” Pauline said.

The duo started by discussing Lisa’s work experience, which included stints in the warehouse industry, and any training she had done. She was looking for full-time work but had no driver’s licence, so only potential employers that were within walking distance of public transport were put in the mix.

Pauline then reached out to her industry contacts who were able to put Lisa forward for jobs with employers who had partnered with atWork Australia before. It wasn’t long before a role as a warehouse operator emerged in nearby Villawood which proved to be an excellent match for Lisa’s lifestyle, skills and abilities.

Pauline said Lisa had since proven herself to be a hard worker with a great work ethic, who was in constant communication about how she was faring in her new job.

For her part, Lisa couldn’t believe how quick the whole process was.

“I’m so happy and excited and thankful to Pauline for acting so quickly and being so proactive in helping me find a job,” Lisa said.

Lisa’s experience demonstrates that atWork Australia will always strive for a job plan that suits the individual, whatever their needs are.

atWork Australia’s specialist teams work tirelessly to ensure we find all our clients the right job with the right employer, just like Lisa. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online to find out more.

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