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Good news from atWork Australia.

atWork Australia’s Employer Engagement Consultant, Irene, approached the local KFC to advocate on behalf of a client who had experience in the hospitality industry.

Teresa, KFC’s Area Manager for Wetherill Park, had not yet worked with a Disability Employment Services provider before and was happy to provide our client with an opportunity.

Our client lives with an invisible disability and required no modifications to begin working with the team at KFC.

“atWork Australia connects business and people so both can thrive,” said Irene.

“…and that is exactly what we have seen with our client and the local KFC.”

The KFC team appreciates our client’s positive attitude, willingness to learn, and how reliable he is for his shifts.

While our client is; thriving in a supportive environment, learning more social skills, and is gaining confidence.

Just like the chicken at KFC, now that the local team has had a taste of atWork Australia’s clients they are looking to hire more reliable, committed team members who are the right fit.

“We appreciated the opportunity to meet a candidate with valuable experience that we would not have met otherwise,” said Teresa.

“We look forward to working more closely with Irene to support more of atWork Australia’s clients into meaningful and sustainable work.”

Teresa has also said the convenience of having suitable pre-screened candidates was valuable for their business.

The atWork Australia team are looking forward to developing a partnership with the local team, supporting more businesses and people to thrive through employment.

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