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With the help of atWork Australia, One Touch Technologies successfully recruits David, their first Disability Employment Services placement.

One Touch Technologies is a holistic IT solutions company based in the CBD of Launceston. They have been operating since 2012 and cover all IT requirements, from residential through to commercial.

As a small local business looking at expansion, they were seeking a new staff member to add to their existing team of three, which includes Mark (pictured), the Managing Director.

New to the recruitment process, Mark placed a general vacancy ad for an IT Technician role in the local Launceston community paper.

Stan, one of atWork Australia’s Employer Engagement Consultants, who works from our atWork Australia Launceston office, saw the generic ad for an IT vacancy with no position description or details.

Stan approached the employer for more information regarding the job role, and once received, Stan knew exactly who the perfect fit would be.

Stan explained to Mark about atWork Australia’s Disability Employment Services (DES) program and how both the client and employer are supported throughout the process via post-placement support, a wage subsidy and incentive payments to purchase work-related equipment.

Mark was open to this process and suggested that Stan put forward his best client for the role, David*.

David is 30 years of age and resides in the Northern suburbs of Launceston. He had been unemployed for three years due to his underlying medical condition which made him feel extremely tired, constantly, with no energy.

Once David’s condition had been diagnosed and a treatment plan agreed and underway, his energy levels began to improve, and he built his capacity back to where he needed to be able to undertake employment opportunities.

In good news, David was successful in gaining the job and secured a permanent part-time position as an IT Technician. He commenced his new role in November 2018.

atWork Australia supported David by providing work clothes and purchasing a work laptop, to assist both his employer and David in his new role.

Stan said Mark was pleasantly surprised with the breadth of atWork Australia’s services – particularly the support services. He appreciated how we tailor and personalise what we are offering around the individual’s circumstances, benefiting the overall working relationship between the employer and client.

“It was such an easy process, with Stan available to support me in my first staffing hire. The placement of David was seamless and smooth,” said Managing Director, Mark.

Even though David commenced as an IT Technician, he has since increased his work responsibilities to include the role of Office Manager as well.

By David stepping up into this additional role, it has allowed Mark to grow the business as he can now step away from these responsibilities, having total faith in David to run the office without him.

This was the first time One Touch Technologies has worked with atWork Australia, and they have been very happy with the services provided. So happy in fact that they are looking to give another atWork Australia DES client the opportunity for work experience as an IT Technician.

“From day one David was the perfect fit for the organisation and is an integral part of the team. We look forward to giving another person the same wonderful opportunity to work for One Touch Technologies!” said Stan.

Here at atWork Australia we truly believe that there is nothing more powerful than the right person in the right job with the right employer. David’s story joining One Touch Technologies is a brilliant example of this. Let us help you too. Call us on 1300 080 856 or enquire online today.

*Name changed for privacy reasons.
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