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Sonia Basarab, a young female client of atWork Australia’s Joondalup office accessed an online assessment tool Positivum ™, which was a self-guided coaching program focused on challenging negative beliefs and perceptions of health and working. She found success with this tool and is hoping others gain as much from it as she had.

In addition to being the primary carer parent, Sonja is a full time student currently studying towards her Cert IV in Financial Services online. She has some physical conditions that are barriers to seeking employment once she completes her study including chronic nerve pain in her neck caused by an injury after a car accident.  She is currently receiving medical treatment for this as being treated for depression.

Sonia noted that the Positivum self-assessment has been good for her, and that she ‘’enjoyed” completing it as it made her reflect and think about aspects of work she didn’t previously consider due to her injuries.

She further said that ‘undertaking this course has made me consider how I view myself and how potential employers may see me. Taking my time to complete the course gave me time to evaluate how I can improve my current situation and manage my pain and my condition’.

Developed in partnership with Monash University, Positivum uses tailored online coaching to help you build your confidence and find the right job for you.

Positivum has helped thousands of Australians move forwards towards finding and securing sustainable and rewarding employment, and is currently being trialed at atWork Australia Mirabooka and Joondalup sites.

Contact atWork Australia today via our website to find out more about our health and wellbeing coaching program, Positivum, and how it can support you on your journey to finding good work.

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