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After being a stay at home mum for seven years, Paige decided it was time to get back into the workforce. But with only a small amount of work experience before becoming a Mum, she wasn’t sure how to go about finding sustainable work.

The 29-year-old from Perth, had previously completed Year 12 through supported education to assist with her intellectual disability, but had no other formal qualifications or current work experience, and therefore, no references for her résumé.

Paige turned to the Mandurah office of atWork Australia for assistance and was matched with a local Dedicated Disability Jobs Coach, Sarah.

Sarah could immediately see Paige was dedicated to finding work and to do whatever it took for her to find meaningful work. Paige attended atWork Australia’s Jobs Now program and learnt how to look and apply for roles she was interested in, plus basic skills for putting together an optimised résumé, and how to interview with confidence.

Sarah also suggested Paige take part in volunteer work so she could get a current reference, and as a stepping stone back to the workforce. Paige was very enthusiastic about this idea and volunteered at a local Op Shop each week to gain some experience.

Due to Paige’s exceptional attitude, Sarah suggested she do formal training for a role in an area she was interested in. Although Paige was keen for immediate employment, she knew that the hard work and dedication to study would lead to further opportunities and decided to go for it.

Sarah immediately enrolled Paige in a Certificate III Individual Support (Ageing and Disability). This would give Paige the future opportunity to work in residential aged care facilities, community care, disability care, community-based organisations, and hospitals.

“I am learning so many new things and I’m getting more and more confident every day, and I can’t wait to gain employment once I have finished this course,” said Paige.

Paige has since finished her course and is looking forward to her first work placement coming up early this year.

“We are all very proud of Paige’s progress and the things she has achieved so far,” says Sarah.

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