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After receiving external community support from a local Child and Parents Centre, Paramjeet was referred as a participant to ParentsNext at the atWork Australia Gosnells office, for additional support with her employment and education goals.

Paramjeet suddenly became a single parent after the recent loss of her husband. The combination of English being her second language, as well as having minimal educational and employment history in Australia, she was concerned with how she would financially support her family moving forward.

Paramjeet worked with her Job Coach, Anne, and the local Gosnells team to build her skills, confidence, and goals for future employment. Within this session, the pair also discussed Paramjeet’s interests to determine what industry would be best suited for her, her skills and her family.

By recommendation, Paramjeet participated in the Best Version of Me course. This course supported her to gain the confidence and career guidance to discover her career goals.

It was after the completion of this course that Paramjeet had decided her long-term employment goal; to be an education assistant. Paramjeet and the Gosnells team are now actively working towards her completing this goal.

Paramjeet has been enrolled into a Certificate III in School-based Education Support, alongside receiving financial support via fuel cards to get her there safely.

Paramjeet is grateful for all of the support she received from Anne and the Gosnells team. Their strength-based approach reminded her of all the transferrable skills that she has gained as a home-maker. She states, “Just having someone that I can go to that understands and supports me with my goals was an integral part of my journey in upskilling for the future”.

She now believes in herself, and in her abilities, to support her family’s needs.

Anne states, “We have found it an absolute pleasure to provide the guidance and support to Paramjeet. She has not allowed her barriers to restrict her from setting and reaching her personal and professional goals. She really is an inspiration.”

“I have gained the confidence and support I needed.” – Paramjeet, ParentsNext client.

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