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Patrick first commenced with atWork Australia’s Disability Employment Service just before Melbourne’s first COVID-19 lockdown in July of 2020. He had been seeking work for almost two years prior to this.

Patrick felt that his age hindered his efforts in gaining employment, regardless of the decades of experience that he had acquired over two continents. He was of the belief that he was not getting an equal opportunity.

Patrick had very limited social support, his partner lives overseas and is not due to return to Australia until June of 2021, compounding his sense of isolation further.

To add to Patrick’s challenges, was that he was supporting his mother who lives with dementia. This restricted the contact that he had with most of his family members and in combination, he was in a very dark place mentally.

atWork Australia Newport Job Coach Thomas supported Patrick through his time of isolation by providing Patrick with personal and professional assistance when Patrick felt like there was no one there for him.

Not only did Job Coach Thomas and Employer Engagement Consultant Swasti advocate Patrick to potential employers on his behalf but communicated with him on an emotional level in light of the severity of his depression.

Patrick was so happy, to land the role of Function Manager and John, the manager of Pelican’s Landing, was not only impressed by Patrick’s resume, but his charming personality.

Patrick was so grateful and excited for the opportunity. Especially that the venue reminds him of the South of France, his home.

Job Coach Thomas, Employer Engagement Consultant Swasti and Patrick had been having regular face to face appointments, but it was the addition of the emotional support and encouragement that raised his confidence, helping him to regain emotional stability.

Patrick remarked, “COVID-19 restrictions were a particularly difficult time for me, and I was on the verge of taking my life, I had lost all hope. Job Coach Thomas helped me immensely and I am grateful to Swasti for advocating on my behalf. I am very happy now and really love my job.”

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