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Federal and state-based government restrictions put in place to help reduce COVID-19 infection rates have created widespread job losses, but also some areas of intense recruitment. With job vacancies now garnering unprecedented volumes of applications, we are urging employers to ensure people with disability, injury or health condition who are looking for work are considered for the roles.

While recent news has been dominated by large scale job losses in industries such as aviation, travel and hospitality, new urgent recruitment needs have emerged including the recent announcement of 5,000 1 casual roles (16th March), which was answered by over 36,000 1 applications.

“The Australian employment landscape has been transformed, almost overnight, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Sotir Kondov, Executive General Manager of atWork Australia. “We can help businesses in finding the best person for the role quickly due to our extensive screening of candidates, experience at matching the right person to the role, and on-the-job support once our client starts working.

“At a time when so many are suffering the consequences of overwhelming job losses, we also hope to champion Australians with disability and help them gain equal access to the jobs that are available,” Sotir adds.

atWork Australia offers businesses bespoke support based on their needs, to connect them with job-ready candidates and help with interviewing, hiring and onboarding processes. This can include tailoring CVs to align to the job role and screening candidates based on skills, abilities and organisational fit. Once in place, the provider continues to monitor the placement and offers assistance to both employer and employee over the first year and beyond if required.

Current industries that we have identified as needing assistance with massive recruitment needs include grocery retail, transport & logistics, administration & support services, health care, aged care and disability care, and some manufacturing sectors.

“Our aim is to help businesses find the right candidate and keep them,” says Sotir. “We offer specialised candidate screening and job matching services to make sure we create a fit that works for the employee and employer. We also offer access to a long-term Work Assist program to help employers retain staff living with disability should their condition change, or for staff who acquire a disability, and inhibit them from completing their expected tasks,” he adds.

We work with over 270 thousand candidates in Australia, who are proven to improve team performance says Debbie Brooks, atWork Australia’s National Diversity Employer Manager: “In nine out of 10 cases (90%) i , employees with disability, injury or health condition are as, or more, productive than their peers and almost the same number (86%) ii show superior attendance. What’s more, they generate less turnover and fewer workplace injuries than other workers iii.

“By working with a DES service, businesses can access top tier talent, while saving valuable time in the recruitment process, as we pre-screen candidates to ensure the right fit for the business and job role,” Debbie concludes.

atWork Australia are committed to providing truly excellent employment support services, making a real difference to people’s lives and helping employers find truly great people for their business. Please call us on 1300 080 856, email or click here for more information. 


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