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Richard was out of work for four years before sheer perseverance saw him finally land work with a local abattoir in Bunbury, Western Australia.

The 50-year-old had been unemployed since 2014 when he approached the Bunbury office of atWork Australia in February this year. He had been tirelessly searching for work without success, going from business to business only to be rejected time and again.

His Job Coach, Robert, said he was inspired by Richard’s relentless approach to finding work.

“On many occasions we walked the streets handing out his résumé, applying for positions throughout the area without success,” Robert said.

Robert knew that Richard had previously worked in the meat processing industry, so he approached a contact he had made with the local abattoir, V&V Walsh, which employed many local people. The company had been supportive of people with disability in the past, so Robert submitted Richard’s résumé and arranged an interview with his contact there.

Unfortunately, Richard was unsuccessful, but Robert wasn’t going to give up on him. Each time he visited the site he would ask if there was any work going. Eventually his persistence paid off, with his contact informing Robert that he would take a chance on Richard.

Richard has now been with the company for more than six months and is a valued member of the meat processing and exporting team.

Not only is Richard working again, but the company has a loyal and efficient employee and is pleased to have helped someone back into the workforce.

Richard now believes his future is looking good, while Robert said the experience demonstrates that people with disability can contribute to the workforce if given the opportunity.

“No matter the disability, everyone has a right to the dignity of work. It’s important to stay focused and determined because the right job for that person is out there,” he said.

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