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Good news from atWork Australia.

“Motivated from the start” is how Ayla’s Job Coach, Ryleigh, would describe her journey with atWork Australia.

After entering the office in Shellharbour, NSW, as a Workforce Australia client, Ayla* (18) was looking for assistance with gaining consistent, meaningful employment that she both loved and that was close to home.

At that time, Ayla was working casually and was relying on public transport to get her to and from work safely. She also disclosed her anxiety, and how this may affect her ability to work.

Within her initial consultation with Ryleigh, the pair discussed Ayla’s goals, history, and requirements for work. This allowed Ryleigh to create a tailored job plan that was catered personally to her that would allow her to work towards her employment goals.

One suggestion that Ryleigh made was the Powered by Positivum program – a program that blends our health and wellbeing coaching program, Positivum, and training in a specific industry. Ayla was interested so she was enrolled to participate.

Whilst completing the program, Ayla met with Sandra from the Employer Engagement team. Sandra worked on gaining Ayla interviews and advocating on her behalf. Within no time, Ayla secured an interview, which she was later successful obtaining the job.

Within this new phase of her employment journey, Ryleigh and the local team were able to help with clothing, as well as public transportation money, to ensure she was travelling safely to and from work.

For Ayla, employment has allowed her to step into a more stable role where she can grow, learn and be successful.

“I referred Ayla to Powered by Positivum to assist with addressing barriers to employment. With the help from others within our team Ayla was successful in obtaining new employment and enjoying current role.” – Ryleigh, Job Coach

*Name changed for privacy.

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