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Peta is a client of atWork Australia, Busselton, who has overcome extraordinary challenges to achieve employment she loves. Peta was born deaf and mute; her mother teaching her to read and write at a young age, helping her to excel through her schooling. In year 10, Peta left school and started working in childcare, enjoying her career for 14 years.

Peta was very motivated to undertake paid, mainstream employment, but her barriers created hurdles that left her unemployed for many years, along with strong feelings of depression. Peta wanted to be able to earn her own money that would give her a better quality of life.

When Peta first engaged with atWork Australia and connected with her Job Coach, Sue, she was quiet and reserved. Sue encouraged Peta to attend all her appointments face-to-face so that she could build her confidence. These appointments were fortnightly and were also an opportunity for Peta to connect with someone.

Living alone, Peta felt quite isolated and was reliant on her support workers for friendship. When she met with Sue, they were able to chat and laugh in a relaxed and informal setting; helping to improve Peta’s mental health and wellbeing.

Peta was very active in her job search, always forwarding Sue opportunities she had seen when she was out in the local community or looking online. Sue would call the employer and Peta would be given opportunities for interviews and trials. In many cases, the working environment was not right for Peta. Even though Peta knew she could do the jobs, these setbacks didn’t get her down or bring down her confidence; she would be straight on to finding the next opportunity.

Peta was attending fortnightly appointments with Sue for four months, working on her mental health and building her confidence, when Sue presented the opportunity of casual employment at Origins Markets. At the time, Origins Markets was under construction and they were looking for a whole team to be ready for the opening day in November 2021.

Origins Markets has not only given Peta employment in a culture that feels like a family, she is also able to talk to a wide range of people; helping her mental health and her thirst to engage with people and build relationships.

The support Peta has received from Sue, as well as her employer, has improved her quality of life. Peta’s journey has required a lot of self-growth and openness to enable her to achieve her goals, now nearing 52-weeks in employment with Origins Markets.

Peta knew that employment would have an impact on her life, but she has commented that working in sustainable employment has changed her life around in a very positive way. It had been a long time since Peta had paid employment and straight away, she started loving the work she was doing at Origins Markets, looking after the indoor plants.

Peta’s employer, Pip, from Origins Markets says, “she is an integral part of the team; she does a wonderful job, and everyone loves her energy. Peta is happy to be working in an environment with support and friendship; she feels a part of a family.”

Pip continues, “Peta has shown excellent initiative and is an asset to our team and has, at all times, shown professionalism with a smile on her face. Numerous times our vendors and customers have complimented her and her positive demeanour; customer service is one of her strengths, which is a true asset to the Origins family.”

Peta has a fantastic work ethic, she is working beyond her benchmark hours and regularly working overtime. Since working in this new role, she has learnt new skills, she enjoys meeting new people every shift, and loves being a part of a great team. She finds the work very rewarding.

Sue says, “knowing that Peta attends work, continues to work and tells me of her happiness, makes Peta’s journey very rewarding for Peta, the employer and me.”

atWork Australia understand the value of employment and the positive impact it can have on an individual’s life. That’s why our tailored and holistic support is so valuable to our clients; providing each person the right support to suit their needs, from financial support to wellness programs and access to allied health.

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