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Posh Services have over 28 years of experience turning workplaces and commercial areas into greener, healthier working environments.

Their services include indoor plant hire and maintenance, event hire, outdoor maintenance, landscape designs, green walls and more.

The opportunity arose for the company to hire a Landscaping Assistant and they turned to atWork Australia to help them find a suitable employee. Posh Services hadn’t used atWork Australia previously and overall, they have had a very positive experience.

atWork Australia Employment Consultant, Jennifer, worked with Posh Services to understand their requirements and the skills they needed to fill the open position. Jennifer introduced atWork Australia client, Colin, to Posh Services owner, Paul.

Colin, 52, had struggled to find work in his field due to his age and his speech impediment. However, the team at Posh Services saw the value in Colin’s experience and his attitude and were pleased to give him the opportunity.

Posh Services owner, Paul, said, “Colin is a hard-working, honest and reliable employee and definitely a great asset to the Posh team.”

Jennifer said, “I couldn’t be happier with Paul and the Posh Services team. Working with them to support Colin has been a positive, no-fuss process. Plus, they have given Colin an opportunity that he truly values. Everybody wins.”

Posh Services are a positive example of Australian employers supporting Australians to build better lives through sustainable work. They know that by supporting people to thrive through the health benefits of work, they will also reap the benefits that will allow them to prosper and grow.

atWork Australia will continue to work with Posh Services, ensuring that Colin is supported in the workplace.

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