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Nicholas was referred to the atWork Australia office in Salisbury for Disability Employment Services in May 2018.

A smart and hardworking person with a love of furniture-making, Nicholas also has Asperger’s Syndrome. This means that loud noises can make Nicholas feel very uncomfortable and that social interaction can be difficult. This has also had an impact on Nicholas’ self-confidence.

Nicholas was studying a Certificate III in Furniture Making at TAFE. As his training was coming to an end, he was beginning to think about how to make a start within the industry he loved. His main concern was that employers would struggle to understand his condition. This is where experienced atWork Australia Job Coach Kara stepped in. Kara teamed up with Nicholas and let him know that there would be an employer out there who would benefit from his skills and that his condition would not be an impediment.

Knowing that the job interview process would be particularly challenging, Kara began to coach Nicholas through a range of strategies that he would be able to put in place to help make him feel more at ease. Kara and Nicholas then commenced a reverse marketing campaign, getting Nicholas’ solid résumé out to prospective employers. The search paid off, with Kara and Nicholas finding an ideal employer.

As Kara explains, “We were delighted to find a truly lovely and understanding employer who was willing to work with Nicholas, to help him be the best he could be.”
Nicholas was offered a work trial, and even though he was very concerned that the role would not be sustainable due to his condition, his drive to find employment and the independence that would go with it meant he went in with a positive attitude and tried his best.

The hard work was worth it. The work trial has turned into permanent employment and with his newfound confidence, Nicholas has even made the big move to live independently of his family.

Nicholas is very thankful for atWork Australia, in particular to Kara and all of the staff who have helped and assisted him along the way. He is happy to report that with the ongoing support of his family, his employer and atWork Australia, he is “really loving his new job.”

atWork Australia and their dedicated Job Coaches help job seekers like Nicholas to remain focused and motivated in their journey to finding meaningful and long-lasting employment. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online to get started

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