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Ebony lives with a rare condition called Arnold-Chiari Syndrome, which causes headaches and migraines and significantly impacts on her efforts to find employment, despite her really wanting a job.

Having  been out of work for some time and after she had all but given up, she engaged with atWork Australia’s Murrumba Downs office.

Job Coach Kasey conducted Ebony’s initial appointment and established that Ebony had substantial hospitality and retail experience and was hoping to get into similar roles. However, due to the status of her physical and mental health, hospitality was not a good option, which limited the range of industries she could apply for.

Ebony was looking for someone who could not only assist her but believe in her and help her with job searching and finding a role that would be best suited to her.

Job Coach Kasey searched high and low in the hospitality sector but COVID-19 restricted the amount of job vacancies that were available to her. They had to start looking at other options.

Job Coach Kasey made contact with an employer who was looking for a casual Console Operator. Despite never having experience in such a role, Kasey encouraged her to apply as this would suit her situation and even went along to the interview with her.

Ebony is known as a people person who is great with customers however, Job Coach Kasey saw an opportunity to assist her in maintaining a positive outlook on life. This was achieved by boosting her confidence through resume and cover letter writing and interview training.

Kasey said, “When Ebony first came to atWork Australia, her mental health was not the best. She had never had anyone believe in her and actually go out of their way to find her work. Ebony’s confidence started growing more and more and she was able to talk to people again.”

Ebony was overjoyed and in disbelief when she received word of her successful interview.

Kasey said, “Throughout the journey, she was so happy to have found someone who is supportive through the good and the bad, and always believing in her.”

As with most jobs, the first few weeks are often the most challenging and Kasey did have to focus on getting Ebony used to the role through positivity and support from everyone at atWork Australia.

Ebony added, “Kasey and atWork Australia have been amazing. Being employed again has helped my mental health immensely. It’s helped me with everyday life, and I feel I now have a purpose to get up every day knowing I have financial stability in my life.”

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