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Kent engaged with Positivum™ to remain afloat through the COVID-19 lock-down.

Kent connected with atWork Australia’s Disability Employment Service as he has an experience of schizophrenia and other health concerns spurred on by this mental health condition. Kent originates from Malaysian and Chinese descent and farewelled his extended family to pursue a better life and career in Australia utilising his accounting skills.

However, finding employment proved difficult for Kent, not least because of his health condition, but because of the challenges that ensued from being new to the region. These constraints saw Kent fall into long-term unemployment.

For anyone who has ever been unemployed for prolonged periods, would certainly understand that isolation becomes palpable and reason is hard to judge. This, on top of an already challenging mental health issue such as schizophrenia, can magnify symptoms.

Kent found ways to manage his mental health, he would routinely exercise, with swimming being his primary hobby and an effective method of keeping him healthy in mind and body. However, with the closing of pools and gyms due to the COVID-19 lock-down, this was no longer a therapy that was available to him. The most he was able to do, as was most through the Melbourne COVID-19 lockdown, was walk for 20 minutes each day and sometimes read Shakespeare to expand upon his language skills.

With the encouragement from his atWork Australia South Yarra office Job Coach Daniel, Kent chose to enrol in Positivum™, atWork Australia’s health and wellbeing coaching program, with a view to keeping his mind active.

This was a great opportunity to build Kent’s self-confidence as well as manage symptoms of his condition and, as opportunities became scarce through COVID-19, Kent saw this as the best way to keep busy. Together, Kent and Daniel were able to ascertain from the Positivum™ findings that confidence posed as one of the biggest challenges for Kent’s attempts to gain employment. With this information, he was assigned the most appropriate modules and began his journey within the program.

Kent’s drive for self-improvement also became evident whilst engaging with Positivum™ and he hopes to see more people partake in Positivum™ to allow for enriched learning and mentorship programs.

“I have realised my strengths and weaknesses through Positivum™ and I can set goals, improve motivation and manage my symptoms,” says Kent.

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