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Struggling to find work because of a lack of confidence in himself and his abilities, Jayden believed he wasn’t worth much.

From Bendigo, Victoria, Jayden, 24, was unemployed for over a year. He had been fostered for most of his life and felt like he had no one to confide in or who could offer him support.

Jayden thought he was damaged, broken and unfixable, until he came to atWork Australia and was introduced to his Job Coach, Pam.

Pam knew that Jayden needed to work on recognising the positives in life and himself; she gave him the support, positive feedback and encouragement to be able to reflect and have an optimistic outlook.

Jayden was always willing to listen to Pam; he was motivated and keen to find employment but lacked the confidence; his anxiety and depression being a constant obstacle.

Pam had told Jayden how employment would change his outlook on life. The workplace is a significant environment that contributes to mental wellness. Meaningful employment provides individuals with structure and routine, a sense of meaning and purpose, a support network and social inclusion, financial security and regular activity. Pam often told Jayden that with employment his anxiety and depression would subside.

Jayden interviewed for a job with a local bar in Bendigo and was offered the job. He was over the moon. Originally employed as a glassy, he has reached his goal of becoming a barman and always has a smile on his face.

After he had been employed at the bar for a few months, Jayden visited Pam to tell her that everything she had said had come true. He said he no longer experiences depression and anxiety as much because he is doing what he wants to do and is enjoying it.

Pam said, “Jayden was, and still is, a joy. He is so happy to be employed at the bar. You cannot wipe the smile off his face, he just loves his job.”

Every year, atWork Australia helps thousands of clients like Jayden expand their skills and qualifications to help them gain the right job with the right employer. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online to find out how we can help you meet your career goals.

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