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Greg is taking part in a health and wellbeing program that is helping him to understand and address the limiting beliefs he holds about his ability to work.

The 62-year-old from Perth worked for a long time in the social services sector but several work-related incidents led to Greg developing severe mental health issues.

He lives with post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and agoraphobia, where he finds it hard to leave the house, and have left him unemployed for more than six years now.

His Job Coach, Tracey, from atWork Australia’s Victoria Park office, enrolled him in our Positivum™ health and wellbeing program to get a better grasp of the underlying beliefs that might be working against him gaining employment.

Positivum™ is a tool we use to profile our clients in order to tailor the support we provide,” says Tracey.

“We use tailored assessment tools to determine our client’s current status including potential barriers to working. Clients then partake in E-Positivum, an online self-guided coaching program focused on challenging negative beliefs and perceptions of health and working,” she says.

So far, Greg is halfway through the course after completing three modules. The most recent module is about cognitive thinking and is helping to identify his strengths and weaknesses.

He is completing each module from the comfort of his own home (online) and at his own pace.

Greg wants to drive the elderly and people living with disability to appointments, a community service role that matches his past skills and experience, and that is what he and Tracey are building towards with the program.

According to Tracey, Greg is talking about his progress on Positivum™ and not about other negative things, which is “a real positive and is helping to change his mindset.”

“It’s also helped him open up which is a huge benefit to me as a Job Coach,” she says.

“He is starting to feel more confident, and while he’s not ready to commence working the program is a stepping stone towards shifting his mindset towards work.

“And being able to do it at home where he is comfortable really helps him to process it.”

Greg says the program is a great way to refresh learnings from past counselling and mindfulness courses.

“I’ve done lots of mindfulness and Positivum is really good to refresh that,” he says.

“I hope people know never to give up.”

We wish Greg all the best on the course and in all his future endeavours!

Contact atWork Australia today to find out more about our health and wellbeing coaching program, Positivum, and how it can support you on your journey to finding good work.

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