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There is a quaint family owned business in Mount Hawthorn region WA known as John the Fruiterer and it is no surprise that they supply the community with fresh fruit and vegetables.

The company had experienced challenges in acquiring and maintaining staff until they decided to reach out to the team at atWork Australia Mount Hawthorn.

Job Coach Lachlan set out to collaborate with the store to see how atWork Australia could help.

Job Coach Lachlan negotiated a plan to increase the staff for their business by having the atWork Australia team pre-screen all potential candidates to ensure that the right match was made.

The company’s Owner Paul said that they had never used atWork Australia before and had always taken on the role of recruitment by themselves.

However, after employing their newest staff member and client of atWork Australia, he said, “Being a new family business, starting from scratch, it’s hard to bring new employees on board without the capital and atWork Australia helped with this immensely.”

When asked about how he approached his communications with atWork Australia client Maria, Job Coach Lachlan remarked, “Providing support and understanding of Maria’s work capacity resulted in sustainable employment.”

A part of the negotiations was centred around exactly what hours Maria could work so that her condition would not be negatively impacted.

With wage subsidies to assist the business and the addition of Post Placement Support, Maria has been able to maintain her employment.

Maria was self-employed for many years working with her husband in a Fruit and Veg shop, until his passing. This in turn exacerbated her Osteoarthritis.

Maria was less than confident to engage in employment however, as soon as the she was signed up into our atWork Australia services, she was able to start a new chapter in her life.

Looking for great talent to join your workplace? atWork Australia’s Government funded employment service is here to help. Get in touch today to find out more 1300 080 856 or enquire online.



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