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Outback Insulation Pty. Ltd. is a family run business who specialises in new-build residential homes and commercial businesses. They are local to the Morton Bay Regional Council but service inner and outer regions of Brisbane.

As a result of a surge in construction growth in the region, Outback Insulation Pty. Ltd.  are consistently recruiting new staff to supply the increasing demands of the industry.

With the assistance of atWork Australia’s prescreening of candidates, Outback Insulation Pty. Ltd.  staff have been able to cut out the cost and time of recruiting new candidates, which has significantly benefited their operations, particularly in light of their busy workload.

To date, Outback Insulation Pty. Ltd. Has recruited over 15 staff from atWork Australia with no hint of slowing down.

Sandra from Outback Insulation Pty. Ltd. Has expressed how pleased she is with the service and support provided by atWork Australia. She remarked, “We have been extremely happy with atWork Australia’s assistance with our staff shortage needs.”

atWork Australia Employer Engagement Consultant (EEC) Telisha, has ensured that all clients have the appropriate skills and qualifications to work for their company, and whenever there’s a skills deficit in clients, Telisha upskills them in the required field.

Telisha also assists with on the job support, for example, one client, Dale, is now working fulltime in a stable role with Outback Insulation Pty. Ltd. Employer Sandra said, “atWork Australia assists Dale with reading and writing activities as this is a part of Dale’s barriers.”

Dale is please with the support the he has received and has expressed that he feels like a valued employee.


After so many years of placing people with disability into sustainable and meaningful employment, atWork Australia knows how to make the recruitment process a success for employers. It’s about showing people who may hesitate to look for work that they have strengths; and because of that, work’s for them. We’d love to tell you more and answer any questions you may have. Please call us on 1300 080 856 or send an email to and let’s get started today.


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