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When Kiana was referred to atWork Australia Bendigo, VIC, she was enrolled to complete a Certificate II in Salon Assistant. However, COVID-19 impacted on TAFE colleges, whereby face to face course delivery was no longer available.  This proved too difficult for Kiana and she decided to drop out.

In early 2020, Kiana was working at a food services company in Castlemaine but due to her anxiety, she was having to take time off, which resulted in her employment being terminated.

Kiana’s Disability Employment Services Job Coach Pam had been in discussions with an employer who was looking for an employee quickly.

After a discussion with Kiana, Pam emailed Kiana’s resume to the employer and the company’s representative Colin, interviewed Kiana two days later.  Kiana was offered the job on the spot.

Although Kiana is now happily working, she meets with Job Coach Pam monthly as she benefits from the extra moral support.

Kiana was very excited about being given full-time work, Pam said, “She was willing to give it a go”, however, she became reluctant as she was not sure if she could sustain such hours. The employer agreed to reduce her hours to 3 days a week and with this, came a rejuvenation of Kiana’s wellbeing.

“She is doing well now that she has dropped the two days and is only doing the three with a day in between to rest”, said Job Coach Pam.

The Bendigo Woollen Mills spin wool into knitting yarn then pack it and send it out to clients.

They only wanted full-time employees so when HR talked about accommodating Kiana due to her health, Colin emailed Pam stating that he would keep her on until the start of the new year. With HR and other managers, they are now employing two part-time staff.  It took some convincing, but the idea of job sharing is working well for the team. We worked together with Bendigo Woollen Mills to access the full talent pool and employ a diverse workforce, by creating flexibilities with job sharing, which also means our clients benefit from finding work that suits them and their needs.

It is due to good communication with the Floor Manager, HR Team, Job Coach Pam and of course Kiana, that she has been able to continue with 3 days per week.

Kiana remarked, “I am enjoying the work and the people are nice to work with and it is much better now I am working three days per week”.


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