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Holy Trinity Early Learning Centre opened in March 2020 and is a small, multi-age learning environment.

atWork Australia Employer Engagement Consultant, Martina contacted Holy Trinity to provide them with information on how atWork Australia’s services could be beneficial to their business. Hoping to build a relationship with the team at Holy Trinity, he was excited to hear they had a vacancy straight away that they were trying to fill.

The Early Learning Centre has remained open throughout COVID-19 and they were looking for an easy process to find a suitable candidate as recruiting had become difficult during restrictions. It was a huge benefit for Holy Trinity Early Learning Centre that they would receive pre-screened candidates along with the wage subsidy incentive – a huge financial benefit for a small business.

Employer Engagement Consultant, Martina worked with atWork Australia Job Coach, Belinda, to put forward client, Oliver.

Oliver is in his early 50s and dreamed of working with children. As English is his second language, he believed he wouldn’t be successful due to the language barrier, his age and being male. As Oliver’s objective was to work with children, he already had his Police Check and Working with Children documentation completed.

Belinda worked very closely with Oliver before referring him for positions; helping him overcome his fear of interviews and applying for roles because of the language barrier. Belinda also helped build Oliver’s confidence by highlighting his transferable skills, such as cooking, that make him a great fit for a childcare.

It had been difficult to find the right employer for Oliver and Holy Trinity Early Learning Centre has been fantastic. They were willing to look at Oliver’s skills and abilities. They absolutely love Oliver being part of their team. They have been very flexible, especially during lockdowns in Victoria, allowing Oliver to bring his own child into the centre.

Holy Trinity Early Learning Centre is a small employer who has been very happy with the service provided by atWork Australia. From the screening process to wage subsidies and the Post Placement Support they have received for Oliver. It has allowed for Oliver to settle in and feel confident and supported.

Holy Trinity will continue to use atWork Australia for their recruitment needs.

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