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atWork Australia Client, Renea, said, " Thank you so much for believing in my capabilities and for assisting me to be an independent woman.”

Renea is at the beginning of her working life, having just finished high school two years ago, she has worked a couple of casual jobs. Renea is a motivated young lady and realised the work she was doing was not going to create the career opportunities she desired. Knowing this, she made a conscious decision to act and take control of her future. In doing so, Renea came to atWork Australia’s Workforce Australia office in Mirrabooka, WA, to get tailored support on her employment journey.

When Renea met her Job Coach, Lizeth, she explained that she had no formal qualifications and that was preventing her from securing the positions she would like. Renea shared she was currently dealing with a few personal challenges, but she was determined not to let her personal circumstances hold her back; she was motivated to learn, grow, and pursue new opportunities.

Lizeth was impressed with Renea’s motivation to find employment and was eager to support her on this journey. Lizeth outlined how atWork Australia could provide support on her employment journey. Lizeth recommended, as a starting point, to consider gaining additional qualifications that would create more opportunities for her. Lizeth supported Renea to enroll into the Pathways to Transport program, which would allow Renea to gain various qualifications, including, excavator ticket, White Card and First Aid certificate. Additionally, Renea completed a Workforce Specialist Program, a Driver Risk Management course.

Securing these new qualifications has helped Renea progress on her journey, as she has now secured a new job. This new opportunity has improved her self-esteem and motivated Renea to pursue further studies, so she can continue to progress in her career.

Renea’s Job Coach, Lizeth, said, “With our assistance and Renea’s motivation, her journey to employment has been successful. Renea’s determination to overcome her barriers is inspirational. We have all enjoyed watching Renea progress on her journey.”

Renea has been very thankful for the support she has received from atWork Australia, and we look forward to watching her progress throughout her career.


“Thank you so much for believing in my capabilities and for assisting me to be an independent woman,” said Renea.

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