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When Ryan joined our Wonthaggi office at Work Solutions Gippsland, he had been through a couple of unfavourable employment experiences that negatively impacted his outlook on future employers.

“Ryan worked for two different painters that both failed to pay him the proper wage or any payment at all,” said Damian, Ryan’s Disability Employment Services Job Coach. “So, while he was making an effort to find work, he was sceptical about his opportunities and his heart just wasn’t in it.”

In addition, Ryan’s lack of communication skills when talking due to a condition was a barrier that often put potential employers off.

While Ryan’s initial start with his Job Coach was a little rocky, once trust was built between the pair Ryan became more open to opportunities and more collaborative in the experience.

To lift Ryan’s confidence Damian put Ryan through Job Club, a series of workshops teaching basic skills to put job seekers in a better position to secure employment.

A reverse marketing strategy also proved to be the most successful tactic in landing Ryan a job. Gippsland Mushroom Farm, a company that generally employs backpackers, agreed to give Ryan a one-day work trial as a Farm Hand.

It was a job Ryan declared as perfect for him. Gippsland Mushroom Farm owner, Chris agreed.

“He’s the best worker I’ve ever had,” said Chris. “He gets it, does what I ask and he’s smart and works hard.”

In addition, Damian helped Ryan bridge the financial gap in the first weeks of employment. He spoke with his employer Chris, advising him of Ryan’s low funds and lack of food availability. In turn, Gippsland Mushroom Farm paid Ryan for his initial days of work in advance and provided him with the “biggest breakfast” he has ever seen.

“Ryan is one job seeker that I know will complete all tasks required with enthusiasm and dedication,” said Damian. “He has a great work ethic and will always keep me updated.”

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