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atWork Australia client, said, “The support I have received, honestly means the world to me.”

At 23 years old, Ryan* connected with atWork Australia’s Workforce Australia team in Corrimal, NSW, in pursuit of securing his first job.

When Ryan came to atWork Australia he had no previous work experience, no formal qualifications, and his most significant barrier was his lack of motivation and confidence in his own ability.

Ryan was aware of his barriers; he knew something had to change and that’s what drove him to connect with atWork Australia. “Five or six months ago I had no motivation to do anything, and I would beat myself up about it,” said Ryan.

The turning point came when he began working with Job Coach, Aimee. Ryan shared with Aimee that he has spinal barriers and mental health concerns, including anxiety and depression. Ryan admitted the pressure of finding work and completing job searches were impacting his mental health concerns.

Aimee listened as Ryan explained the challenges he had been facing. Aimee referred Ryan to atWork Australia’s Wellness Services, which would give Ryan an opportunity to focus on his health concerns with the support of a professional Wellness Advisor.

In the meantime, Aimee was able to tailor Ryans Points Based Activation System to relive some of the pressures of looking for work, so he could focus on his health.

Through consistent effort, Ryan was slowly building his confidence and showing interest in gaining employment. Ryan said he would like to explore opportunities in the hospitality industry.

As a starting point, atWork Australia supported Ryan to obtain his Responsible Serving of Alcohol and Responsible Conduct of Gambling tickets.

With the support of atWork Australia’s Employer Engagement Consultant, Ryan has secured a casual position as a kitchen hand. Although Ryan was not sure at the time if this was the right position for him, he persisted, he’s shown initiative and worked hard to maintain his employment. Due to his hard work, Ryan has developed a passion for his work and has been rewarded for his continuous effort. Ryan has recently been offered a full-time apprenticeship as a Chef.

Ryan is absolutely delighted with the progress he has made and the opportunity he secured. Ryan said, “For the first time in a long time, I feel like I’m going in the right direction in my life. Aimee has played a big part in building my confidence and self-esteem to just give new opportunities a try. This has now resulted in me gaining a full-time apprenticeship.”

atWork Australia are delighted to see Ryan achieving his goals and thriving in the workplace. Ryan’s Job Coach, Aimee, said, “Supporting Ryan throughout his journey and watching him flourish has been very rewarding.”

“The support I have received, honestly means the world to me,”  Ryan.

*Clients name has been changed to protect their privacy

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