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Every job seeker that atWork Australia assists has their own unique needs. While some only need a little help nailing their résumé or getting through the job interview process, others – like Samantha – need more support with their personal circumstances and assistance to map out a clear path forward.

Samantha came to atWork Australia with a background in hospitality from various roles over the previous three years. However, mental health issues and drug dependency were affecting her both personally and professionally.

Samantha needed to make changes in her life. She had no consistent place to live and was ‘couch surfing’ in the local area. She did not have any family living close by and required medication for her mental health.

Samantha was referred to atWork Australia’s Shepparton office and was matched with experienced Disability Employment Services Job Coach, Belinda, who could immediately see Samantha’s potential.

Belinda began by engaging continuously with Samantha and providing strategies to help her in her day-to-day living.

With her personal issues beginning to stabilise, Belinda and Samantha began to research suitable job opportunities. Samantha was determined to move away from the hospitality industry and try something different, while still putting her customer service skills to use.

After much support and encouragement from Belinda, Samantha was able to secure a role in a call centre – just the type of role that would suit her skills and her desire for a change of industry.

Samantha is thrilled about her new position and thankful for the unwavering support from Belinda.

“Belinda always went the extra mile for me. She really lifted me up when I was down about not getting particular positions,” Samantha says.

“My life is now on the up and can only get better. I finally have a reliable income.”

At atWork Australia, we are proud to help thousands of job seekers just like Samantha to change their lives through the power of employment. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online to get started.

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