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Scott stands showing his new certificate of completion. Quote reads Thank you, atWork Australia for your determination and your compassion for me to fulfil my dream

Scott had been finding it difficult to find the support he needed, he had previously been placed into employment in positions that were not suited to his strengths, and he had never been taught how to communicate effectively with potential employers. Scott decided it was time to try a different approach, he reached out to Kylie at atWork Australia’s Bendigo, Victoria, office to see if she could help.

Scott is a husband and father to two little girls. He was extremely determined to find employment, to help support his young family. Scott faced multiple barriers when trying to secure employment. Scott lives with dyslexia and has challenges with comprehension and written communication.

When Scott reached out to his Job Coach, Kylie, for support, she was equally as determined to help Scott find employment. Scott came into the office knowing what he wanted to do, but thought it was unreachable. Kylie assured him that was not the case and that with atWork Australia’s Disability Employment Services support his goals were definitely attainable. Kylie began reaching out to employers in Scott’s desired field and began coaching Scott on how to respond to emails and effectively communicate with potential employers. Scott was very appreciative of the support from his Job Coach. Scott said, “I have never been given the opportunity to learn the skills to communicate with an employer myself.”

Scott and his Job Coach, Kylie, continued working together to develop his skillset. Scott can now navigate a computer to access documents, he can structure an email with appropriate sentences and wording. Due to Scott’s hard work and willingness to accept Kylie’s support, he has now secured a new position as a Personal Care Worker. Scott was very happy with his new job, but to ensure he could still progress in his new career path he is also studying a Certificate III in Individual Support.

A few months later, atWork Australia continues to support Scott as he juggles both work and study. We are delighted to report that Scott has completed his studies and is now a fully qualified Personal Care Worker.
Scott had a lot of self-doubt about his ability to perform this role, but he is thriving in his career and is loved and appreciated by his colleagues at the aged care facility.

Throughout Scotts journey, he has created his own learning style, developed a system for documenting his case notes, and his confidence in his ability continues to grow. Scott now feels confident to have conversations with his managers about his work and any concerns he may have. Scott has done a complete 180 with his confidence and ability to believe in himself.

The team at atWork Australia continue to support Scott by being a sounding board and offering advice on different issue he may face at work

“Thank you, atWork Australia for your determination and your compassion for me to fulfil my dream. I’m truly honoured for the journey and whatever else that you can help me with along the way,” said Scott, atWork Australia Client.

Every year, atWork Australia help thousands of clients  like Scott, expand their skills and qualifications to help them gain the right job with the right employer. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire onlineto find out how we can help you meet your career goals.

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