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Scott had been unemployed for three years when he reached out to atWork Australia for assistance and support.

Previously, Scott had worked for over 24 years in a production environment, but a personal crisis resulted in him leaving his job and suffering severe mental health issues and alcohol abuse. The deterioration in his health affected Scott’s sense of self-worth and his perception of his employability.

To help Scott rebuild his confidence and once again become engaged in meaningful work, atWork Australia matched him with experienced Disability Employment Services Job Coach Carrie-Ann.

Carrie-Ann’s experience assisting people with mental health issues meant she was sympathetic to Scott’s struggles and would provide extra support throughout the job seeking process.

Carrie-Ann’s first steps were to encourage Scott to enrol in a Certificate III in Aged Care and Individual Support, plus a Certificate IV in Community Services, both of which he successfully completed. Scott also trained in Manual Handling and gained a Department for Communities and Social Inclusion clearance.

Within the structure of his studies, Carrie-Ann, together with the local atWork team, guided Scott to address his ongoing battle with alcohol and seek help with his mental health issues.

Then, once his studies were complete, Carrie-Ann assisted Scott to refine his résumé, cover letters and job applications and target care facilities in need of his newly acquired skills.

Much to the delight of Scott and Carrie-Ann, a permanent opportunity came up at a local aged care facility. Scott is now putting his training and talents to great use and being back in secure employment has provided him with a much-needed confidence boost. It’s also meant a level of financial independence that he hasn’t known for several years.

“Scott was very excited to share with us that he had been able to purchase a new car, and that life continues to get better and better for him”, says Carrie-Ann.

Scott added he will be forever grateful to everyone from atWork Australia for their help and support and is particularly happy to have the opportunity to stay in touch through the post placement support program.

atWork Australia reignites interest and confidence to help every job seeker be the best they can be, just like we did for Scott. We would love to help you too. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online.

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