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As a 65-year-old, finding employment has had its challenges for atWork Australia Client, Dinesh. With changes in technology over the years, his skillset as an Optical Technician had become obsolete and Dinesh was left with the decision to change direction and went into a carer role.

However, the Clarkson resident, had developed arthritis, particularly in his hands. Not only was Dinesh missing the optical industry and the work he used to do, the physical demands of his role as a carer were becoming too strenuous. This left Dinesh unemployed for 4-5 years and unable to find work due to his age and lack of up-to-date computer skills.

Originally a client through Jobactive, Dinesh transferred to DES and was introduced to his Job Coach, Jessica, for one-on-one support and training.

Jessica assisted Dinesh by coaching him through various computer programs, practicing interview skills and updating his CV. Dinesh maintained focus on his goal, visiting optometrists to apply for roles face-to-face and introduce himself.

Within five months, Jessica got Dinesh an interview within an optometrist for an Optical Assistant. When Jessica broke the news to Dinesh, he needed her to repeat it again as he couldn’t believe her and was in disbelief.

Dinesh said he “received lots of support that gave me confidence, there was some tough love, but we always found a compromise.”

With Jessica’s practical approach, Dinesh found his confidence to get back into work after a long period. Jessica said “it is great to see how this job has improved Dinesh’s self-esteem. He thought it was the end of the world for him but now he sees the future with 20:20 vision.”

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